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Our Barn Door product is ideal for sliding door applications where space is a premium but a traditional built-in pocket or swing door is not possible. Our Barn Doors slide on a single line of wall-mounted track. This simple design installs quickly and is offered in a multitude of options to compliment any interior while providing superb functionality. Each sliding barn door is finished on both sides with no visible screws or fasteners and utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame, making it attractive for green projects. Our overhead wall-mounted QuietSlide™ track system ensures a smooth roll and quick installation, while removing any chance of the barn door leaving its track. We can also integrate most third-party barn door tracks to our doors as well. Use this product to add needed privacy to spaces separated by a single opening with minimal installation.

Barn Door Right View
Barn Door Left View
Barn Door
Barn Door Top Track View
Barn Door Track Detail View
Barn Door Detail View
Barn Door Bottom View
Barn Door
The Glass Barn Door


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Spec Sheet
Barn Door Specification Sheet

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Install Instructions
Barn Door Installation Instructions

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Barn Door System Options




Choose from our wide range of options..

Acrylic & Glass, Layered Glass, Woodgrains, Trapped, or Wallcoverings


Acrylic & Glass

Standard Acrylic

Clear Frosted Acrylic
clear frosted
Gloss White Acrylic
gloss white


Standard Glass

Laminated or tempered

Also available:
clear, mirror, & painted glass.
Frosted Glass (White Lami Laminate)
Fine Glass
Custom Etched Glass

Organic Interlayer Collection

Eco-resin by

Antique Fleur 3Form

Dark Bamboo Rings 3Form
Dark Bamboo
Banana Fiber Light 3Form
Banana Fiber
Bear Grass Lite 3Form
Bear Grass
Fossil Leaf 3Form
Hydrangea Thatch 3Form

Architectural Glass Collection

Tempered, textured glass.

Grid Glass

Pattern Glass


Grain Glass
Linear Glass


Glass or Acrylic Interlayer


Layered Glass

Layered Glass

Intricate designs created by placing one of our incredible
design layers between two pieces of clear, tempered glass.

Mosaic Layered Glass Mosaic Layered Glass   Citylights Layered Glass Citylights Layered Glass
mosaic   citylights
Bubbly Layered Glass Bubbly Layered Glass   Cotton Layered Glass Cotton Layered Glass
bubbly   cotton
Pebbled Layered Glass Pebbled Layered Glass   Linen Layered Glass Linen Layered Glass
pebbled   linen

Layered Glass



Standard Woodgrains

Premium solid surface woodgrain panels are super-durable with superior resistance to wear and impact. These laminated recycled wood core panels are also stain and fade resistant (sunlight) and easy to clean.
Norwegian Maple Woodgrain
Norwegian Maple
Hardrock Maple Woodgrain
Candlelight Woodgrain
Pearwood Woodgrain
Wild Cherry Woodgrain
Wild Cherry
Cognac Woodgrain
June Mahogany Woodgrain
African Walnut Woodgrain
Symphony Woodgrain
Chocolate Pear Woodgrain

Custom Woodgrains

if there is a woodgrain laminate or veneer that exists, it is likely we can do it. Contact Us to specify your required project brands/finishes. Below are top brands that we are directly integrated with:
Pionite Wilsonart Nevamar Formica Lamin-Art Laminates Barn Doors
Wood Interlayers



By trapping natural materials between two layers of tempered glass, we are able to present to you our unique and breathtaking Trapped Series for our Barn Doors. Enclosed in our aluminum frames with standard finishes, you can select a clear or frosted diffusion on the rear glass panel to achieve your level of desired privacy.


Natural materials are available below and custom material requests are welcome. Our Trapped Series is offered in all of our sliding door systems for use of all as complementary design elements throughout your project. Browse below to bring nature inside...


Beach Dune Grass Trapped Series
Find more details on this design on our Closet Systems page here.

Coastal Branch Stack Trapped Series
Find more details on this design on our Closet Systems page here.

Birch Branch Thatch Trapped Series
Find more details on this design on our Closet Systems page here.

Ellipsed Wood Rings Trapped Series
Find more details on this design on our Closet Systems page here.


Fully customizable wallcovering interlayers.

This completely customizable product allows you to smoothly integrate your own wallcovering, into your own Barn Door. By specifiying this product, the design of your interior space can be seamlessly blended together as one. Choose a matching wallcovering for your project or one that simply compliments the existing tone.

Choose Your Own...

Simply choose your own wallcovering and we take it from there. Each wallcovering is sourced and installed in each sliding barn door at our factory, so the final product is completley finished and ready to be installed once it arrives on the jobsite. Contact us to specify your wallcovering brand/design for your own project.

Wallcovering Wallpaper Door Interlayers
Glass Wallcovering Wallpaper Sliding Door

Glass Overlay

Additionally, each wallcovered interlayer can be covered with a clear, tempered sheet of glass integrated inside the door frame. Add this option to make a grand statement with your design and to reduce maintenance by enhancing cleanability.



Frame Size

Choose from our 1in or 3in frame sizes, whichever best suits your style and preference.


Metal Frame Finish


Frame Finish

Aluminum extruded frame with high-quality, durable powder coat finish. No visible screws or fasterners.


Dark Espresso Frame Finish
Snow White Frame Finish
Knight Black Frame Finish


Frame Finish Options



Optionally, choose from one of our Finger Pulls or Stainless Steel Pull Handles for your Wall Slide.

Finger Pulls

Equip your Barn Door with a finger pull to enhance your ease of operation. Finished in Satin Nickel or Solid Brass. Optional.

Satin Nickel Finger Pull
Solid Brass Finger Pull

16in Stainless Steel Pull Handle

Stainless Steel Pull Handle

Our 16in Stainless Steel Pull Handles are the perfect addition to your Barn Door. The large grabbing surface enhances your ease of opening operation. Optional.




Barn Doors may optionally be fitted with 1 to 5 horizontal dividers that are finished to match the door frame. Dividers are installed on each door at the factory and are not removable.

Divider Lites
Divider Lites
Divider Lites
Divider Lites

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